Black Workers Can No Longer Rely on Blue Jobs

“Public sector jobs are in decline, and one community has been hit particularly hard,” Walter Russell Mead writes at the American Interest:

African Americans. Historically, the black middle class has relied on the government for good jobs. One in five African Americans are employed by the government, making them more dependent on public sector employment than whites and Hispanics. But those jobs are disappearing. . . .

The loss of these jobs has and will hit the African American community hard, putting it in an even more economically precarious position in the coming years. But there’s no reversing the economic and technological trends of the last half-century that have eroded the blue model and employment it generated. These jobs are gone and it’s futile to lament the end of the glory days of peak blue—or strive to bring them back.

Instead, those concerned for the welfare of the black middle class should be putting more energy into considering what the high-wage middle class jobs of the future will be.


Entrepreneurship and small business ownership should be encouraged as a replacement, but that will require elite leftists to undergo a sea-change in their thinking to stop demonizing business owners of all races. For black businesses to succeed, the left must cease saying such as destructive sentiments as “you didn’t build that,” and demand that their constituents of all races cease destroying small businesses as well.

Found via Instapundit, where one of the commenters quips, “In other words, ‘government hiring fewer people, women and minorities hardest hit.'” And note the headline of the post underneath from Elizabeth Price Foley: “Who voted to bring 33 million immigrants from Mexico?”

There’s got to be a connection between the two posts somewhere…


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