Ed Driscoll

Two Time-Warners In One!

“Chris Cuomo to Pam Geller: We don’t show Mohammed cartoons for the same reason we don’t use the N-word,” as Allahpundit writes at Hot Air on perhaps the ultimate example of a Democrat with a byline employed CNN, a division of Time-Warner-HBO:

Via the Blaze, the key bit starts at 3:50. This is transparently false, of course, but it’s telling that he’d reach for this analogy for the cartoons instead of another obvious example of blasphemy like “Piss Christ.” The word “nigger” became taboo because Americans became more conscious of the injustices of racism. It’s been expunged from polite society due to a cultural consensus that blacks were treated shamefully and that equality requires eschewing words that had been used as tools of intimidation. The power dynamics behind the Mohammed cartoons are the opposite of that. The fear isn’t so much that the minority will feel intimidated by the majority if the taboo is dropped, the fear is that members of the majority will end up being machine-gunned by fringe members of the minority. That’s why the media never thought twice about showing “Piss Christ” or giving rave reviews to “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway. Christians and Mormons might have been offended but they weren’t intimidated by the insult, and there was next to zero risk that any of them were going to go blow up theaters and art galleries in protest.

As I said, CNN is a cog in the mega-corporation that is Time-Warner — and so is HBO, which I doubt very much censors the N-word from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, or from its follow-up, Jackie Brown, about which Spike Lee claimed the N-word is spoken 38 times. Until recently, Time-Warner also owned multiple record labels and their publishing houses. How much do they censor the N-word from their rap artists?

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