Ed Driscoll

Video: Pamela Geller Schools Condescending CNN Host

Fresh off her assault by Muslim terrorists last night, Geller gets assaulted by Time-Warner-CNN-HBO spokeswoman Alisyn Camerota, who as John Nolte of Big Journalism writes is “victim-blaming her.” in the above clip. In 2012, this was a network that defended Trayvon Martin after he tried to cave in the skull of George Zimmerman, and Michael Brown after he robbed a convenience store and attempted to steal a policeman’s gun and use it against him. But someone actually employing her legal First Amendment rights is smelling salts time for the network, which speaks volumes about its worldview. Or as Nolte tweets, CNN must ALWAYS have a right-wing villain. So even though she was targeted for murder, CNN is demonizing Pam Geller.”

Ant not just that left-wing network; as Noah Rothman writes at Hot Air, Camerota is far from alone, both at CNN and the DNC-MSM at large, that Geller and her panel had it coming: Rothman rounds up quotes from CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill, the New York Times’ Rukmini Callimachi, and the London Daily Mail, which ran a piece last night headlined “The woman behind anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoon contest and her long history of hatred.” As Rothman writes:

One of Charlie Hebdo’s surviving cartoonist, an artist who goes by the moniker Lulz, revealed last week that he would no longer draw the images of Mohamed that got so many of his friends killed. The assassin’s veto is upheld. For the AP and others, another murderer’s claim apparently deserves a fair hearing. If only Geller hadn’t worn that short skirt…

Meanwhile on Twitter, Iowahawk spots further examples of what Salman Rushdie calls “the But Brigade”employing similar arguments that Islam gets its heckler’s veto against free speech.

At the Federalist, Robert Tracinski offers a useful tip for speed-reading the But Brigade today: “Everything before the ‘but’ is BS.”