Ed Driscoll

Breaking News—Activate Flashing Drudge Gumball—Someone is Wrong on the Internet!!!!


“Video: The dumbest news segment ever,” as spotted by Ed Morrissey:

Someone is wrong on the internet – and the CBS affiliate in Dallas spent two minutes of air time on their 6 pm news broadcast covering it. A woman in Dallas wrote a Facebook post saying that a woman should not be President, and it got quite a few responses. So naturally, a TV news crew interviewed her, her client, and showed a shaky-cam shot of the post itself. Steve Pickett even managed to stand outside on the street — for what reason, no one knows — to recap some of the responses to the Facebook post.

Aaaaaaaaaand … that’s the story. No, really:

Click over if you want to see the Dallas CBS affiliate in their effort to become the next Mencken meets Bill Bradlee meets Woodward & Bernstein meets Tom Wolfe level of earth shattering, world-changing journalism. As Ed writes:

There are two explanations for this segment being broadcast, which aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. One: There was absolutely nothing of interest happening in Dallas-Fort Worth yesterday. (Possible, but unlikely.) Two: Someone in CBS Dallas wants to paint all opposition to Hillary Clinton as kooky, bigoted, and possibly evidence that religion makes people both of those.

My hunch is that Option Two looks pretty likely here. And my further hunch is that we’ll see more of this ludicrous media focus on even the smallest nuggets of anti-Hillary kookiness to exploit as a way to marginalize her opposition over the next several months.

Bingo! But since it’s a CBS affiliate, and presumably can pool resources with the staff of any of its fellow affiliates across the country, I know the perfect CBS employee for the station to hire to investigate this story to the nth-degree:

And if they can’t find Alix, I’m sure the new host of Face the Nation would be happy to help.

Update: Bryan would be perfect for this gig, actually. The left have discovered yet another small business that must be destroyed:

(Cartoon by XKCD.)