Ed Driscoll

RFK, Jr. Apologizes for Godwin's Law Violation, Working Al Gore's Territory

Remember when the DNC-MSM was bored back in February immediately before Brian Williams blew himself up, and tried to make this a rightwing issue?

“Robert Kennedy Jr apologizes for comparing vaccinated children to victims of a ‘holocaust'” the London Daily Mail reports. Though of course they, and he mean The Holocaust:

● Nephew of JFK, and son for former Attorney General, opposes vaccines
● He believes a chemical called thimerosal causes autism in children
● Promoting protest film, he likened vaccinated kids to holocaust victims
● On Monday, he apologized for the comment after widespread criticism

Besides, doesn’t RFK Jr. know that Al Gore has claimed the lock on that particular Godwin’s Law violation for radical environmentalism since 1989 before cashing in his chips at the start of 2013 to Big Oil?

Of course, given the state of American education, it won’t be long before most impressionable young lefties scratch their head and ask, “what is a Holocaust, anyhow?”