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Hahahahaha: Politico: 'Hillary Clinton Email Flap Creates Awkward GOP Silence'

Fresh off accusing TMZ of “stalking” Hillary by — gasp! — asking her questions about the scandal(s) enveloping her pre-coronation ceremony not yet off the pad presidential bid, “Politico’s not giving up yet,” Ace writes, noting that “one of their lead stories is ‘Hillary Clinton email flap creates awkward GOP silence,’ with, yes!, a big picture of Scott Walker, because you know that Hillary’s lawbreaking is really the Shame of the Conservatives:”


The investigation into Walker’s tenure as a county executive, which was prior to 2008.

So that’s where Politico is — asking Hillary about this is “stalking;” the real journalism concerns ages-old allegations about Scott Walker’s aids from when he was a county executive.

Meanwhile, Glenn Thrush of the Politico has a Twitter meltdown over being accurately quoted by the Washington Examiner as describing Hillary’s homemade email server as “badass,” a word I doubt he would use to describe a similar arrangement employed by a politician with an (R) after his name. (In November of 2013 he used a slightly different but related tactic to explain away Obama’s own server issues involving his namesake signature healthcare bill by describing them as “boring,” despite it being the political story of the fall. This was also his tactic to explain away Wendy Davis’ campaign meltdown in Texas the following year when she attempted to exploit Greg Abbott as being wheelchair bound in one of the most ill-conceived campaign ads ever devised.)

I’m sure Hillary’s equivalent of the JournoList will eventually nail down all of the talking points for the “journalists” “reporting” on her. But for now, it’s fascinating to watch the collective scurry while they’re waiting for new orders from the queen.


Related: As the No Pasaran blog asks, “If You Were a Member of the MSM, What Hillary News Would You Choose to Lead With This Week?” For AOL News, it’s — make sure you’re sitting down for this one — “Hillary didn’t pioneer the pantsuit in DC”, a breathtaking Woodward & Bernstein meets Mencken-level scoop. You can’t blame this one on the Politico, but I’m sure they’d certainly approve the headline.

Unless they thought AOL was stalking Hillary in obtaining its reportage, of course. Nice juxtaposition here:

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