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I'll Take 'What Used to be a 24-Hour TV News Network?' for $1000, Alex


CNN morphed into the Gong Show so slowly…

“CNN to Produce Political Game Show,” according to TV Newser. Because, what else would you expect from the flailing low-rated, desperate for attention network?

Insiders tell us the show will be hosted by Anderson Cooper and will air on Presidents’ Day, Feb. 16. If it’s successful, further episodes would go into production.

We hear the program will be a quiz style game show, focused on presidential politics.

As the Sony email hacking story unfolded last month, one of the more interesting TV news stories to emerge was that CNN Worldwide chief Jeff Zucker had asked a Sony TV executive if the company would consider producing “Political Jeopardy!” for CNN.

That was a nonstarter. But now it appears Zucker is going his own way on a quiz show.

Insert obvious Wolf Blitzer bombing on Jeopardy reference here. And as John Nolte adds at Big Journalism:

With its ratings at an all-time low and its journalistic ethics almost constantly under fire…With its endless race hoaxes, scandals, and talks of airplanes disappearing into black holes, 2014 might have been the worst year for CNN of any news outlet in recent memory. We’re only 21 days into the new year, but 2015 is already shaping up to be worse.

Bonus Question: For the Final Jeopardy round, I’ll take “What are European Muslim No-Go Zones for $10,000?”, Alex.

(H/T: Kathy Shaidle.)

Update: Currently trending on Twitter, is the #CNNgameshowpitches hashtag. Play along at home!