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Sky News Cuts Off Charlie Hebdo Writer Who Displays Mohammed Cartoon

Your one-minute guide to the MSM's craven response to last week's massacre. As John Nolte noted yesterday when the producers of MSNBC's hapless Ronan Farrow pixelated the Charlie Hebdo cover, don't blame the newsreader in the studio or her director behind the boards switching out the shot and cutting the remote's feed, they're simply carrying out management's wishes. But this clip neatly sums up where the West's Overculture stands on this issue -- we'll voluntarily cut away, so please don't cut our heads off.

And they should be called on their cowardice. "We can't force cowards to be brave, but we can insist they answer to the word 'Craven.'" Ace adds.

As Allahpundit writes, "This should play in a loop at the Newseum forever." You mean the MSM's mausoleum to commemorate their imagined past glories and bravery? Yes, that would be perfect on so many levels.

Oh and speaking of Nolte, as he tweets, note that when the MSM doesn't have skin the game (literally), they're perfectly happy to stoke a murderous riot if it suits their interests.

Update: Jim Treacher has an excellent suggestion: "Note to anyone who's ambushed by Sky News: If you want to be left alone, just hold up the Charlie Hebdo cover," Van Helsing-style.

That rule applies to far more "news" outlets than just Sky News.