Ed Driscoll

Tweet of the Day

Of course, it was the New York Times that created the mythology of how society reacted when Kitty Genovese was murdered. “Too bad it wasn’t true,” as James Lileks wrote last year. “But it confirmed what people wanted to believe about other people — or at least what some people at the NYT wanted to believe.”

And now that society as been almost entirely atomized along tribal lines, as per the “Progressive” Timesmen’s dreams, “Ostracized by Cowardly West, Charlie Hebdo Faced the Islamists Alone,” as Mike McNally writes elsewhere at PJM tonight.

But then, as John Derbyshire wrote shortly after 9/11, the essence of political correctness can be summed up as “Better Dead Than Rude.”

Just ask the Times’ current editor.

Update: Speaking of Lileks, in his latest Bleat he writes:

There were chalk outlines on the sidewalks for a while, but that’s what power washers are for.

I’ve read a few voices saying that this is different, this revealed something, this pushed people off the fence, this was the galvanizing event that made everything clear, and the decent will assemble to confront the illiberal threat.

You know, just like after Kristallnacht.

Read the whole thing.