Ed Driscoll

AP Censored Muhammad Cartoons While Selling 'Piss Christ' Prints


Nice catch by the Washington Examiner’s Timothy P. Carney:

“None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad,” an Associated Press spokesman said, according to the Daily Beast. “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

In censoring these images, AP joins a bunch of media outlets.

But in case you want to admire the “work of art” from three decades ago that consisted of a photograph of a crucifix in a vat of the photographer’s urine, the AP will sell it to you.

As Carney notes, apparently after being called on their hypocrisy earlier today, AP has pulled the above image, at least for now. Of course, AP isn’t alone in admiration for the infamous attack on one of the world’s most prominent religions — the New York Times hired Andres Serrano, the “artist” behind “Piss Christ,”  to illustrate one of their endless series of daily rants on Abu Ghraib in 2005, just to remind readers how committed they are to protecting the feelings of all of their religious readers:


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The whole piece is still online at the Times, complete with Serrano’s illustrations; click here to view the paper’s “moral standard” in action when it comes to hiring those who mock sensitive religious iconography as their stock and trade — at least when they know there are no consequences to their actions.

Of course, AP and the New York Times are far from alone in this department. While Time-Warner-CNN-HBO was until very recently the publisher of Time magazine, which infamously asked on a 1966 cover, “Is God Dead?”, and the home of the virulently anti-religious Ted Turner, they’re perfectly prepared to give His more bloodthirsty followers a heckler’s veto:

Update: As NewsBusters notes today, “After Massacre at Paris Magazine That Mocked Islam, NY Times Tweets It ‘Has Long Tested Limits’ of Satire.” But then, so has the Gray Lady herself — but only against religions that don’t proselytize via terrorism, of course.