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'Protest at Primal Scream Leads to Chaotic Exchange'

Oh, that return of the primitive. Backwards ran the progress until reeled the mind:


While drunk and naked. At the Weekly Standard, James W. Ceaser of the University of Virginia charts “The Flight from Reason on Campus,” while at Harvard, you can actually see it as it jogs away. As Sonny Bunch notes in astonishment on Twitter linking to an article in yesterday’s Harvard Crimson, “This is the greatest story ever told:”

A group of about 30 students attempted to hold a silent demonstration in the first minutes of Primal Scream, a biannual naked run around Harvard Yard, early Thursday morning, inadvertently leading to a chaotic exchange of words and gestures that reversed the usual direction of the run and left many questioning the significance of the heated interaction.

The run is a College tradition in which students, at times inebriated, run naked around the Yard on the eve of the first day of exams. It usually attracts more than a hundred participants.

Protesters said that their goal was not to protest Primal Scream itself, but to hold a four-and-a-half minute period of silence before the run for Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo. and Eric Garner of New York—two unarmed black men who were killed by white police officers this summer—and to join in solidarity for people around the nation who have experienced racism. The organizers of the demonstration had posted a Facebook event describing their plans for the protest ahead of the event.

While protesters said they felt ignored and angered by the actions of Primal Scream participants, several students in the run said they could not see nor hear the protesters because of the noise and nature of the gathering, with some saying they would have participated in the protest if they had known about it in advance.


Read the whole thing; perhaps I need to update my usual line about Orwell’s 1984 being a how-to guide for the left — and remind them that neither is the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. I’d say we’ve definitely spotted the next leaders of Freedonia, but alas, these are the future leaders of us.

Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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Update: Stacy McCain on “Our Oppressed Elites.” As Stanley Kurtz noted last year at NRO, “What do America’s college students want? They want to be oppressed.”

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