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Andrew Klavan: #GamerGate Forever!

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Hey, nice shirt! Beyond that, Andrew’s video dovetails well with Leon Wolf’s post yesterday at Red State on “The Liberal Assault on Everything:”


It used to be that companies feared going openly left wing and publicly throwing their support behind those causes because there was a cohesive network of conservative shoppers that would punish them in the pocketbook for doing so. Nowadays they clearly don’t because the only such cohesive network is on the left. If this trend continues, we won’t be standing athwart history yelling “stop” for very much longer.

Most media companies have leaned left since the mid-1960s, sometimes embarrassingly so (CBS’s Walter Cronkite and Daniel Schorr went full Godwin on Barry Goldwater in 1964), but for the most part, understood that they needed to keep the politics somewhat buried in the subtext of their entertainment, lest they lose their mass audiences. But the last 30 years have seen a demassification of all facets of media, making the need to reach truly mass audiences no longer necessary to make a profit.

This technological revolution was preceded by a sea change in the American left’s politics in the 1960s and early ’70s with the New Left devouring the earnest and sorta-kinda centrist (at least in comparison) New Deal-era Democrats. And since the 1990s, the rise of the social justice warrior who would rather demonize conservatives and older readers than continue to take their money as happy customers. (Pinch Sulzberger, the publisher the New York Times was quoted in New York magazine in 1992 that as far he was concerned if his newspaper was alienating older white male readers, then “we’re doing something right.”)


So yes, as Andrew writes, #GamerGate forever. Or, on the flip-side, to those video gamers who scoffed at, or were barely aware of the efforts of the Irvine family since 1969 at Accuracy in Media, and Brent Bozell & co. since 1987 at the Media Research Center, welcome to the party, fellas!

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