Two CNNs in One!


Uh, if you say so, fellas. But tell us CNN, what are your feelings about the majority of Americans?

With the smoke from the riots in Ferguson, Missouri still thick in the air, CNN made an effort to explain conditions in the nation today and decided that a new book has the right idea. America is suffering from “racism without racists.”

Following along the “white privilege” concept popular in our universities, CNN’s John Blake has essentially decided that all whites are so racist in their thought patterns that they don’t really even know they are racists and, therefore, aren’t like traditional racists who act out on their hate in the sort of bellicose fashion we all imagine racists do.

Whites are so inherently racist, says Blake, that their racist thought “causes unsuspecting people to see the world through a racially biased lens.”

Blake finds the work of Duke University sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, author of Racism Without Racists, to be the correct way of looking at this problem. Bonilla-Silva’s thesis is that we have gotten past our history of overt racism and have become a country that is built on “racism without racists.”

“The main problem nowadays is not the folks with the hoods, but the folks dressed in suits,” Bonilla-Silva told CNN.


Ahh Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, don’t ever change.


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