Ed Driscoll

The Democrat Operatives With Bylines Who Didn't Bark

“Rich Weinstein, an investment banker and private citizen, with just average computer skills and higher than average persistence, uncovered the video of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber admitting that voter stupidity and deliberate lack of government transparency were necessary for the passage of the (Un-)Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, in which he was involved,” as Ethel C. Fenig writes at American Thinker. She goes on to quote blogger Peter Igemi, the proprietor of the Da Tech Guy blog, who adds:

It’s not the suggestion that lawmakers were trying to hide the true meaning and costs of the law. After all lawmakers have spun or twisted law for the sake of personal power, pandering or achieving particular ends since before Daniel was tossed into the Lion’s den but something more subtle.

What is implicit is the idea that said deception would be entirely successful. Why? Because he understood that the media would not reveal and/or report on it. (italics in original)

Gee, where would Gruber get that assumption?

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Update: Two Palominos In One!