Ed Driscoll

Tuesday's Stakes

“GOP Senate Means Obama Owns Gridlock,” Jonathan S. Tobin writes today at Commentary:

Republicans face formidable challenges once they are in charge of both houses, though most of these will come from within. But what liberal pundits and even some conservatives forget is that the dynamic next year will be a lot different from the past. Obama is weak and getting weaker in terms of the political capital he has to spend every month. A Congress that puts him on the defensive by passing its own agenda will potentially be offering the nation a coherent alternative to liberal patent nostrums. On a host of issues, including energy, education, and immigration, if Obama’s only answer to Republican bills is to say no, it won’t be as easy for him to say that it’s all the fault of the other side. He’s the one will be saying “no,” not Speaker John Boehner or even the Tea Party. That’s even more more pertinent if he is also seeking to institute one-man rule via executive orders so as to prevent Congress from having its say.

All of which means that the stakes tomorrow are a lot higher than many on the left are willing to concede. A GOP Senate presents the party with an opportunity to not only make Barack Obama’s last two years in office miserable but also to lay the foundation for a strong 2016 effort. As much as it is tempting for Democrats to say they win by losing, the truth is, they have far more to lose in the midterms than they are letting on.

It only happens if you get out tomorrow to make it happen. As my friend and PJM colleague Stephen Kruiser “joked” in 2010, assume elections are within the margin of ACORN — or as Hugh Hewitt presciently warned in 2004, “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.”

Exit quote:

Update: Make this happen, America: