Ed Driscoll

Braley Donor Threatens Journalists With Lawsuit

“Braley Donor Threatens Lawsuit Against National Review, Des Moines Register,” Alana Goodman writes at the Washington Free Beacon:

A law firm aligned with Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Bruce Braley has threatened legal action against media outlets investigating a man featured in one of Braley’s campaign ads, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The Des Moines Register and National Review were contacted by top Braley donor and personal injury lawyer John Riccolo last month while looking into allegations involving Iowa college administrator Jesse James.

James, who became an advocate against domestic violence after his daughter Holley was killed by her husband in 2008, was featured in an August campaign ad for Braley about domestic abuse legislation the congressman sponsored.

Riccolo, a partner at the Iowa personal injury law firm Riccolo, Semelroth and Henningsen, identified himself as an attorney for James in letters to news outlets several weeks after the commercial aired.

“I hereby demand that you do not publish the story, and in the event that you do so, please be advised that Mr. James will file suit for defamation against the National Review and anyone associated with the preparation and/or dissemination of this defamatory information,” wrote Riccolo in a letter to National Review editor Rich Lowry on October 21.

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