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Mary Burke (WI-D) Was Fired By Her Own Family for Management Incompetence

“Mary Burke Was Fired By Her Own Family for Slumping Sales, Management Incompetence, and an Abrasive, #Bossy Style; Now Claims She Wasn’t Fired, It’s Just That Her Job and Paycheck Were Restructured Out of Existence,” Ace of Spades writes, on Burke’s disastrous tenure at Trek Bicycle Corporation:

“Her performance in Europe was not good”” [Tom Albers, Trek’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer] says. “We were losing a lot of money for us at the time. I don’t remember the amount, but it was considered significant based on where we were [as a company] at that particular point in time.”

“And also, we were encountering personnel/people problems over there. The people were threatening to leave the company. Many of them were.”

Primarily, Albers contends, because of the managerial style of their supervisor, Mary Burke.

“Her way of managing was kind of a ‘her way or the highway’ kind of approach to things,” Albers explains, adding that her subordinates “felt that she wouldn’t listen to them and was just imposing things on them that didn’t make sense.”

“Gee, I wonder how she wound up being a Democrat politician,” Ace deadpans. Read the whole thing.

At Hot Air, Guy Benson embeds a scan of today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, where the scandal made the top of the front page, but Burke’s party operatives with bylines wrote the headline as “Conservative ex-Execs say Burke Forced Out of Trek.” (Italics mine.) Nice touch — take two copies of Hillary’s memoirs out of petty cash, fellas.

Also on the front page of today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Scott Walker gains 7-point lead in new poll.

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