MSNBC Anchor Active in 'Stop Rush' Pressure Campaign

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball “secretly participated in the Stop Rush movement since becoming affiliated with MSNBC, emails reveal. But Ball did not respond to The Daily Caller’s emailed request for comment on her participation in the activist effort,” Patrick Howley writes at the Daily Caller:


“Stop Rush” is a campaign principally organized by Angelo Carusone, who is now a Media Matters executive vice president embroiled in controversy after TheDC published racist and anti-Semitic blog posts that he wrote. TheDC recently exposed the latest incarnation of the Stop Rush movement as a small group driven primarily by ten activists using technology to robotically harass Limbaugh’s advertisers on social media. (RELATED: The Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh)

Ball was involved in trying to smoke out a suspected mole in the Stop Rush movement in the spring of 2012, months after she joined MSNBC as a contributor and shortly before she debuted as co-host of the network’s 3 p.m. talk show “The Cycle.”

“That recording only went to a few of us. So who is talking too much?” wrote liberal activist “Shoq” in a May 16, 2012 email to Stop Rush ringleaders, including Ball, which was provided to TheDC. “Even Randy didn’t know he was being recorded. Someone that one of you is talking to cannot be trusted. I am not pleased by that. At all. Please think carefully.”

Yes, let’s think carefully. Just to review, so one newsreader on MSNBC tried to force Rush off the air, and another stoked the riots in Ferguson. And the entire channel screams racism at the drop of words such as “golf” and “Chicago.” (And don’t even get ‘em started on breakfast cereal.) The channel deceptively edited George Zimmerman’s 9/11 audio in 2012 to stir racial hatred on behalf of Obamas’ reelection bid. As Ken Shepherd notes today at NewsBusters, “CNBC’s Harwood Wildly Spins for Hillary via Twitter” in response to her recent “corporations don’t create jobs” facepalm-worthy gaffe. Meanwhile, NBC’s Bob Costas serves as a pint-sized would-be social justice warrior routinely promoting whatever the current DNC talking points are during the halftime shows of NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasts.


Harry Shearer would go on to co-star in Spinal Tap and serve as the voice of multiple characters on The Simpsons. But early in his career, after he starred for one bruising year as a cast member on NBC’s original Saturday Night Live in 1979, he described SNL’s writing staff and production team as being  “a highly complex, highly political hierarchal organization masquerading as a college dorm.”

Today, NBC is an activist wing of the Democrat party masquerading as a news organization. Why does the GOP let them get away with it?


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