Individuality is Fine, as Long as We All Do It Together

Once again, the Obama administration is ready to launch the bunker buster bombs and B-52 strikes and decisively conclude its long existential struggle for the future of mankind…with Fox News. Or as Twitchy notes, “State Department deputy spokesperson Marie “Clown’ Harf has her laser-like focus on Bill O’Reilly. Citizens rightly schooled the dangerously incompetent loon.” Whose look seems oddly reminiscent of someone familiar:


Heh. Actually it’s worse than that, considering this juxtaposition that the Rush Limbaugh Show created last December, when Obamacare’s Footie Pajamasboy first debuted:

As Frank Burns famously uttered on M*A*S*H 40 years ago, “Individuality is fine, as long as we all do it together.”

Of course, some people rock the smartglasses™ much better than others:


(Photo of Rick Perry by Christopher Halloran /


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