At Last, MSNBC Gets a Successor to Bridgegate

Battlefield preparation: “Rick Perry Indicted On Two Counts Related To Abuse Of Office,” Drew notes at Ace of Spades. “Apparently he vetoed funding for the Travis County DA’s office in an attempt to get the DA, who had been arrested for DWI to resign. The theory seems to be that’s illegal coercion:


There was a special prosecutor but remember Travis County is where the Tom Delay persecution was launched. They kind of hate Republicans and will abuse the courts to stop them.

Is this pure political bullshit? Yeah. But it’s really hard to run for President while your under indictment. This is another reminder that Democrats play for keeps.

While MSNBC will be running the headline that Perry was indicted on a loop for the weekend — maybe the rest of the month — here’s video of the Travis County DA, “getting mouthy with deputies who expected her to follow the law she was sworn to uphold,” Drew writes. “The DA blew a .238 blood alcohol level which isn’t just drunk, it’s AoSHQ Lifestyle Drunk. She was convicted of the charge:”

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”75037″ width=350]

First Bridgegate, and now this; as Drew notes, Democrats play hardball when prepping the battlefield for an election (Just ask Barry.)

So which GOP presidential candidate will be blown up next to help clear the battlefield for Hillary?


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