Video: Say, Why Not Host an Illegal Alien Child in Your Home?

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“Citizens in tony Oldtown, Virginia – an upscale, predominantly liberal area of Alexandria directly across the bridge from Washington, D.C. – were put on the spot by MRC TV’s Dan Joseph and asked to host some of the illegal immigrant children who have flooded across the nation’s southern border,” BizPac Review notes. “Joseph asked passers-by if they would be willing to sign a petition calling for some unaccompanied children to be brought to Alexandria. If they agreed, he then asked them to sign a second petition, consenting to house one or two.”


Two guesses as to what happened next — which was entirely predictable to anyone who’s familiar with Saul Alinsky’s Rule Four, “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

And shades of James O’Keefe’s many stings, including asking gun control-obsessed leftwing journalists if they’d like a “This Home is Proudly Gun Free” sign on their front lawn.

(Perhaps Dan Joseph should try petitioning the same Democrat operatives with bylines as O’Keefe did, and see how many would like an illegal alien living in their gun-free home…)


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