American Flight Ban to Israel a Prize for Hamas

Yesterday’s flight ban to Israel by the FAA (read: the Obama administration) “was the most destructive action that the US has taken towards Israel since the Truman administration imposed an arms embargo during the War of Independence. It encourages Hamas to keep firing rockets when the Obama administration supposedly is working for a ceasefire,” David P. Goldman writes in his Spengler column at PJM today.


David quotes Eugene Kontorovich of Commentary, who adds, “Whatever the intent, the administration has cornered Israel in a booby-trapped tunnel, with Hamas on one side, and economic perdition on the other,” along with Israel officials who “denounced the decision as a ‘prize for Hamas’ and completely unjustified.”

Responding to Goldman, Michael Walsh, with video assists from Brando’s Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now and Sean Connery’s tough Irish cop in The Untouchables asks, “Can Israel Finish the Job Now?”


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