Ed Driscoll

You Stay Classy, Politico


“Chief Politico Columnist: Perry Sending National Guard Troops to Border So They Can Shoot Small Children,” Katie Pavlich writes at Townhall, adding, “First off, lets just mark this under most asinine statement of the day. Second, funny how Simon conveniently ignores why Perry is sending the troops: to stop cartels and gang members who actually shoot and murder small children from entering the United States.”

I thought the far left got all of their “the military are baby killers!!!!1!!!!!” rants out of their system during the LBJ and Nixon era. I can only assume that the Politico’s Roger Simon just wanted to crank up his Marshall stack and let his Jimi Hendrix-era freak flag fly one last time. Shine on, you crazy old sclerotic diamond!

(As always, the Politico’s perpetually snarling and reactionary Roger Simon is not to be confused with own kind and beneficent Maximum Pajamahadeen Emeritus, who is charting “John and Ban’s Not-So-Excellent Cairo Adventure” today, with a little Photoshop help from yours truly.)

Update: When it comes to Politico, Moe Lane writes that “The real question is: why on Earth would Politico expect that any candidate involved with the National Guard should trust that particular media organization to deal with them fairly?  I mean, their people are apparently singularly unrepentant in their insults towards our men and women in uniform. Seriously, I would counsel, say, Scott Brown or Joni Ernst to immediately deny access to any and all Politico reporters until this has been clarified.  Politics aren’t beanbag, but having your military honor questioned is more than a few steps beyond the line.”

Note that this isn’t the first time a pundit using his connection with Politico has issued apocalyptic statements regarding midwestern Republicans; recall professional eco-crank Mark Hertsgaard’s infamous  2011 ambush interview with Republican Senator Jim Inhofe. Inhofe swatted away Hertsgaard’s eco-apocalypse now attacks so effortlessly that his office put the exchange up on YouTube, and Hertsgaard was quickly terminated by the Politico for hijacking their brand. Will Politico similarly admonish Simon for his slander as well?