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I’m increasingly fond of saying America is becoming a different type of Iran. Their lunatics believe in flying carpets, invisible imams and sorcery. Our lunatics believe biology is a social construct, everyone can be above average and humanity can be saved through mass extinction. The point of comparison between various types of lunatics is their belief in utter nonsense and their willingness to kill for it. I suspect that’s why Progressives are obsessed with a rapprochement with Iran. They see themselves in the eggplants.

Anyway, the scenario I described sounds crazy, but look at what lunatics will do if given the chance. These sites they are destroying are harmless to normal people. They are important historical sites that help define the people who live there. That’s what makes them so dangerous to the lunatic. Anything that contradicts the narrative, the prevailing orthodoxy, must be destroyed. If that sounds familiar, it should. Look at the list of people destroyed by PC fanatics in the last few years. The leap from destroying a career to murder is very short.


“Our Progressive Future,” The Z Blog. Read the whole thing.

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)


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