Yes, Next Question

Is Obama delusional? That’s the question that Keith Koffler asks at his White House Dossier blog:

The White House has been promoting it’s latest PR stunt, “The Bear is Loose,” which features vignettes and videos of Obama – “the bear” – happily hop-scotching off his programmed schedule and staging impromptu appearances wherever he likes, presumably with his anguished Secret Service detail trailing behind.

Wrote senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer, who, one would think, should be focusing on more serious matters, in a White House “blog” post Tuesday:

Going all the way back to the early days of the campaign, whenever President Obama shook off his schedule and busted out of the bubble, we would say “the Bear is loose.”

Lately, the Bear has been loose a lot, and this week will be no different. The President is hitting the road on a three-day swing to Colorado and Texas, where he will meet with Americans who’ve written him letters and whose stories – their challenges and successes – resonate with folks from across the country.

How much denial can one man muster? The Bear needs to get back to his den, where his cubs are being eaten by wolves.


The Gipper warned us 30 years ago to be on the lookout for an angry, destructive bear roaming the woods — sound advice, whether the socialists who wish to fundamentally transform America are occupying Eastern Europe, or sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

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