The Hillary Implosion

“Last week was a very, very bad week for Hillary Clinton,” Jonathan Last deadpans at the Weekly Standard:

The only part of Obama’s legacy that will stick to Clinton is his foreign policy.

For four years, that seemed like a great arrangement. But suddenly, over the last year, it’s begun to look quite perilous. Obama_perhaps you’ve heard this?_got bin Laden. But other than that, his foreign policy record is disastrous: Libya, Egypt, Syria, the South China Sea, Crimea, Iraq, Afghanistan. It is difficult to find a spot on the globe that is better off today than when Obama took office. And yet Obama’s foreign policy is the only entry of substance on Hillary Clinton’s resume right now. Which means it will carry double the weight.

For Obama, Putin and Crimea are a mid-size political problem, ranked somewhere above the Keystone pipeline. For Clinton it’s an existential problem because foreign affairs are the only measures for her basic professional competence.

Think about it from the perspective of a Democratic voter: Hillary Clinton was wrong on Monica Lewinsky during the (Bill) Clinton years, wrong on gay marriage and Iraq during the Bush years, and now wrong on Putin and Syria and Egypt and the whole of American foreign policy during the Obama years. What has she ever been right on? And if you’re a Democratic voter, at some point you start to wonder, Can’t we do better?

I suspect that if Democrats are given a serious alternative, they may well decide that they can.

And that’s before they get a look at some of the really ugly stuff, too.


Which is why at least one socialist newsreader at MSNBC is uttering the R-Word regarding Hillary, making this the second time the distaff presidential candidate risks being left in the dust by Comcast’s far left network.


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