Ed Driscoll

Putting the Hash into #Hashtag

“Obama’s Legacy: A Failed Twitter Presidency,” Liz Peek writes in the Fiscal Times:

Obama’s legacy? How about the #TwitterPresident? Surely the pint-sized messaging service is a perfect vehicle for promoting the undernourished programs of the #ObamaWhiteHouse. How better to convey Obama’s meaningless foreign policy “doctrine” than summing it up in 140 characters (or less!)? Of course, it’s not just on overseas matters that the president presides over a bumper-sticker administration.

His prescriptions on the domestic front are equally Tweet-worthy: #Forward!, #WinningTheFuture, #AFairShot, #BettingOnAmerica! The bad news for Obama, as even the friendly Washington Post has noted, “Obama’s slogans have been suffering from the product they are selling.” The bad news for the nation, and for the world, is that Obama’s ‘lil bit pronouncements rarely link to a more meaningful and informed analysis. Exhibit A: the chaos engulfing the globe.

If the rest of us are well aware that an exhausted spin-obsessed president has checked out of day-to-day world events, Paul Krugman of the New York Times is all too eager to embrace the wild, crazy and punitive domestic policies of America’s Happy Funtime Tweeter in Chief.