Ed Driscoll

America Held Hostage


ABC’s Nightline played a significant role in helping to end Jimmy Carter’s presidency in 1980; in the waning days of Big Three media’s chokehold on American media, its nightly coverage of the Iranian Hostage Crisis helped to magnify Jimmy Carter’s fecklessness exponentially. As each new episode began with original host Ted Koppel or the show’s announcer noting that it was “Day 135 of the Iranian Hostage Crisis” — followed by day 136, day 137, and so on, it was a reminder that the Carter was massively out of his depth.


Today, with Carter 2.0 in his Killer Rabbit Phase, it’s Nightline that’s out of its depth:

“As of June 2, 2014, it’s been 200 days since Nightline, the once-vaunted news program, covered Obamacare,” Scott Whitlock writes at NewsBusters. “In the 28 and a half weeks since November 14, 2013, the show has continued its descent into tabloid oblivion, focusing on topics such as celebrities, weight loss and pop culture. As a consequence, the program has skipped the myriad of problems associated with ObamaCare.” 

“But what were the show’s hosts covering instead? See a video montage [at NewsBusters] to find out.”

I’d say “Ted Koppel weeps,” but as a dinosaur establishment liberal, he’s probably happy that the House of Stephanopoulos long ago transformed itself from journalism to leftwing propaganda.

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