Meet Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

“Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006,” the American Power blog notes:

The suspect ran for office numerous times, but he started as a Democrat in 1984, running in the North Carolina gubernatorial primary. After a number of other attempts at elected office, he returned home to the Democrat/Ku Klux Klan/Party in 2006, running in the Democrat primary for Missouri’s 7th congressional district in 2006. His candidacy had the far-left hate site Daily Kos freaking out, “Racist felon running for the Dem nomination in MO-7.”

Frazier Glenn Miller is a Democrat to the core.


Glenn Reynolds adds:

NBC NEWS: KANSAS CITY SHOOTER IS FORMER DEMOCRAT GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE, KLANSMAN. Okay, they pushed the Democrat part down a ways in the story. Can you imagine the glee at the SPLC, though? They’ll fundraise off this for a decade.

Note this detail in the L.A. Times

Three people were shot to death Sunday at two Jewish community facilities here after a man in his 70s opened fire, authorities said. The gunman was believed to be a longtime white supremacist.

As the suspect was taken into custody nearby, he appeared to shout “Heil Hitler” as a local TV crew filmed his arrest.

In December of last year, Noah Rothman of Mediaite wrote that the Denver Post stealth edited their article on the shooter at Colorado’s Arapahoe High School to remove an observation that he was a “very opinionated socialist.” As I noted back then:

In 2012, Gabriel Malor wrote, “The media’s habitual blaming of the political right is endemic and incurable. Media figures sincerely believe the right wing is violent, so naturally assume that violent people must be right-wing. This won’t be the last time they make that mistake.”

And it wasn’t — Malor quotes himself at the bottom of a new post today, titled “The Tweetable Guide To Media Myths And Left-wing Violence,” rounding up numerous examples of the media either inventing a rightwing boogieman when a murder — particularly a gun-related murder — occurs, or as with the Denver Post, airbrushing evidence if the suspect is on the left, or both.


Earlier tonight, the Battle Swarm Blog tweeted, “So make that TWO fraternal organizations Miller shares with the late Sen. Robert Byrd.” The media will be eager to airbrush all sorts of telling connections and history out of Miller’s profile. Don’t let them get away with it.

Update: As spotted by Twitchy, Bob Owens tweets that over the course of his political career, Miller “ran as D, R, and I. He simply used running for office as a way of getting airtime for his hate,” adding, “I know everyone wants to play ‘blame that party’ with Frazier Glenn Miller, but his main political interest was spreading hate.”

Exactly. Beyond Owens’ cautions, people of all worldviews can snap; crazy isn’t isolated within one political party. And politics shouldn’t matter when someone commits a murderous act. But as Ace of Spades wrote in December of 2012 after the New York Times began politicizing the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT from the left only a few hours after castigating the pro-Constitution side of the aisle for doing the same from their worldview:

Incidentally, the gun-rights people “politicizing” this are doing so pre-emptively, because they’ve seen this play six hundred times before and they know what happens in the Second Act.

I mean, it’s not like we’re as stupid as you claim. We are able to remember things that happened more than a week ago.

This is also why we now immediately search for a gunman’s political affiliation– because we know that’s the first thing you do.


This is the cynical world the media created, in service to their Democrat allies.

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