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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton

“MSNBC panel wonders: Just what is Hillary Clinton’s unique qualification for President?”, as spotted by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

No, seriously, Bill Kristol asked on Morning Joe today: What makes Hillary Clinton the most well-qualified woman for the presidency? Kristol argues that Claire McCaskill has more accomplishments in the Senate, and that can also be said for other “governors and Senators” in the Democratic Party, “that made it on their own, I would add.” The panel, which initially scoffed at Kristol’s question, cannot name any accomplishment at all, and Chuck Todd ends up talking about how much she traveled as Secretary of State.

As John Ekdahl writes at AoSHQ, “this is just a great clip all around”:


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And it comes with an enormous sense of deja vu, doesn’t it? Let’s flashback to February 19th 2008, when Chris Matthews(!) asked State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-TX), an even more than unusually rabid Obama supporter among the left in early 2008, what exactly were the tyro senator’s legislative accomplishments that qualified him to be the next president of the United States?

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As Jonah Goldberg once wrote, “In the movie Animal House, the Deltas are put on trial for their antics. When offered a chance to defend themselves, the best argument the fraternity’s president can come up with is, ‘But sir, Delta Tau Chi has a long tradition of existence both to its members and the community at large.'”

Hillary Clinton has a much longer tradition of existence within the Democrat party than Obama did in 2008; does that alone, coupled with household name recognition qualify her to be president? Based on Obama’s supporters in 2008 (the same Obama supporters who were busy trashing Hillary and Bill as crypto-racists that year), the answer, sadly is yes.


Unless the GOP actually decides to play to win for a change, of course.

Update: We are the Manolo Blahniks we have been waiting for! A woman protesting Hillary’s speech today in Las Vegas threw an object at the former first lady, which was reported to be a shoe.

It’s  not the first time Hillary has dodged a projectile pump, either.

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