Ed Driscoll

What Could Go Wrong?

“US gives Boeing green light to sell plane parts to Iran,” according to German Website Deutsche Welle:

Boeing, the world’s biggest plane manufacturer, said late Friday the US Treasury Department issued it with a license allowing the airline to do business with Iran for the first time since 1979.

A Boeing spokesman said the company would now be allowed to export certain spare parts for commercial planes that were needed to ensure older aircraft could fly safely. The license covers a limited period of time and does not allow Boeing to sell new planes to Iran.

The company will contact officials in Iran to determine which specific parts are needed. Boeing’s last delivery to Iran was a 747-100 jumbo jet in August 1979, three months before US hostages were seized at the Tehran embassy.

The Islamic Revolution that year led to US sanctions that were later broadened over a dispute from Iran’s nuclear activities.

Last year, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear operations in exchange for a temporary easing of severe economic sanctions from Britian [sic], China, France, Germany, Russia and the US. A permanent agreement is currently being negotiated.


Found via the Brothers Judd; one of their commenters adds that he’s sure the Iranians will give the aircraft parts back to us eventually, which takes the wartime phrase “never been fired and only dropped once” to spectacular new heights.

Last week I interviewed PJM contributor Andrew Bostom about his new book, ominously titled, Iran’s Final Solution for Israel. Oddly, Andrew’s thesis leaves me less than reassured by that last paragraph quoted above. How ’bout you?

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