The Coming Tsunami

I blame global warming.

I keed! I keed!*But as Jack Kelly writes today in Real Clear Politics, “Dems Wise to Flee the Coming Tsunami,”  focusing on what’s to come in November, via sneak previews including the losses by Democrats Alex Sink in Florida and other recent special elections. Two guesses as to what’s the theme that runs through these elections, and will continue to do so, all the way to November:


It’s clear, now, that every promise Democrats made about Obamacare was false. You can’t always keep your doctor if you want to. Health insurance premiums for many people have gone way up, not down. So has government spending on health care. Many of the uninsured don’t like Obamacare and don’t plan to buy it.

And it’s clear, too, that this administration couldn’t organize a two-car funeral.

The assumption Democrats made that, once implemented, Obamacare would be popular ranks up there with Custer’s assumption there were only a few Indians at the Little Big Horn. In an AP/​GFK poll March 28 in which 30 percent of respondents were Democrats, Obamacare drew support from just 26 percent.

Soon, Democrats may look back wistfully on that poll as a high water mark. When they wrote the Obamacare law, they front-loaded what they thought were the goodies and postponed the pain. So they should know better than anyone what’s coming down the pike.

I understand why, despite this, President Obama won’t let go of his “signature legislative achievement.”

But, if Democrats had believed the promises they made to get Obamacare passed, why won’t they admit they made a terrible mistake and try sincerely to make amends?

If it’s party loyalty that keeps them out of the lifeboats, it’s been a one-way street. Mr. Obama never did much for other Democrats when he was popular. Now, for those who must run for office this year, he’s a pair of cement overshoes:


Of course, to build on a leitmotif at the Ace of Spades blog in the fall of 2010, the Tsunami only happens if you’re willing to crawl over broken glass the first Tuesday in November and Be the Wave. (To badly mix and mangle political metaphors.)

Even if you may have to hold your nose at times during the process, when the establishment GOP does boneheaded things. Or as Kevin D. Williamson recently wrote:

The three most important words in politics are: “Compared with what?” And I am more than a little sympathetic to conservatives’ complaints about the failures of elected Republicans in Washington, who consistently disappoint us even when they are in the majority. I am also sympathetic to the view that our situation may have deteriorated to the point that even a unified Republican government under the leadership of principled conservatives may not be enough to turn things around. And though I reject the notion that Mitt Romney wasn’t good enough for true-believing conservatives, let’s say, arguendo, that that was the case. Unless you are ready to give up entirely on the notion of advancing conservative principles through the ballot box, you might consider looking at things this way: Even if you do not think that it matters much whether Republicans win, it matters a great deal that Democrats lose.


In other words, you can sit home in November, or you can see how just how much rage is in Obama’s eyes despite the amount of Prozac he’ll have tossed down his gullet before his presser on Wednesday November 5th, if the GOP takes back the Senate.

It’ll be even more fun to watch knowing you helped. Be the Wave.

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* Though conservative reaction to the left’s 45 year obsession with advancing socialism via global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate chaos or whatever they’ve rebranded Chicken Little Malthusian radical environmentalism this week will play a factor in November.


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