Ed Driscoll

'Why Are The Lights On?'


Back in 2009, I gave Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore grief in my Silicon Graffiti video on that year’s “Earth Hour” for allowing the videographer to have his camera lights on while interviewing her during Earth Hour. Yesterday, I mentioned the facepalm-inducing tweet from the Brampton Ontario fire department suggesting using “flashlights and battery operated candles instead of real candles.” But as Twitchy noted last night, even Earth Hour itself has given up on its initial concept of turning out the lights for Earth Hour. Note the photo in the above tweet from them, and the response it received: The amplifiers, mics, and PA system are plugged in, the lights are on — there’s nobody home — but hey, baby steps. Once they realize what’s powering their performance, they’re not too far removed from celebrating the forward-looking Human Achievement Hour rather than an hour of forced reprimitivization.