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“There are only so many ways to say MSNBC sucks. Let’s try it in graph form,” Ace writes, linking to a post from Politico’s Dylan Byers, last seen a week ago petulantly demanding control over every message on Twitter after Obama’s feckless performance in response to Vladimir Putin: “New rule, champs: You don’t get to fault Obama for being ‘weak’ unless you clearly state what you want him to do that he’s not doing,” so we can assume he’s not happy to report the above charts.


More from Ace:

Byers’ blames MSNBC’s woes on the relative decline of the only story the network cares about: Bush Bad, Obama Good (or perhaps, Obama God).

With Bush now out of office for over five years, and Obama’s presidency looking like, at best, a “slog” (the media’s term), and at worst, an unmitigated disaster (everyone else’s term), they’re trying to get by on Outrage Porn alone.

And Ronan Farrow. Who was a Rhodes Scholar, you know.

Even if the backroom boffins who program his Chyron aren’t:


Click to enlarge.

As Jim Treacher writes, “This is about the BASE jumpers last year. You might wince, but it’s tough to blame young Mr. Farrow for the unfortunate connotation. On 9/11/01, he was still in diapers and most of his staff hadn’t been born yet.”

By the way, if your satellite or cable set-top box or Roku box gives you access to YouTube, I urge you watch the video of the BASE jumpers parachuting off Freedom Tower on the biggest TV set in your house, as I did last night.  Or at least full frame on YouTube on your computer monitor. The questionable legality of the gonzo enterprise aide, it’s the most stunning video I’ve seen all year, and Hollywood (or the MSM) had nothing to do with it.


Update: “The lesson, as always, is that MSNBC sucks and no one watches it. Burn it down and start over again, Comcast. That’s your only hope.”

But without a different worldview, would the new channel be much different?


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