Ed Driscoll

'We're No Longer a Radio Network, We're a Sad Political Glee Club'

“Left-Wing Darling Pacifica Radio Is Sliding Into the Abyss,” L.A. Weekly reports:

“You’re all going to be personally liable — and I’m going to enjoy your houses!” Reese shouted at them, according to former board member Sasha Futran, who backs Wilkinson.

Later Reese read for all the staff, in her deep and booming voice, from the Book of Joshua: “Whosoever he be that doth rebel against thy commandment, and will not hearken unto thy words in all that thou commandest him, he shall be put to death: only be strong and of a good courage.”

“I feel like I’ve ended up in an insane asylum,” Futran told L.A. Weekly a few hours later, still in disbelief.

“I’m not leaving the building until this is resolved by either the Attorney General’s Office or the court,” Reese told the Weekly. “I don’t want these people to destroy Pacifica.”

The standoff is only the latest in a series of putsches and counter-putsches that have typified the network’s last 15 years.


It’s the equivalent of “WKRP on acid,” Iowahawk tweets. “LA Weekly’s story on dying Pacifica radio is the funniest thing you’ll read all year.” Though unlike WKRP’s underlying sweetness and anarchic fun, the real Pacifica is a mouthpiece for socialism and political correctness run amok — its collapse couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of would-be totalitarians. Enjoy the schadenfreudemania on steroids.

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