'Scratch a Socialist Far Enough...'


“Scratch a socialist far enough, and this comes out,” Dan McLaughlin, aka “Baseball Crank” tweets, linking to a far uglier example of crankery. Jesse A. Myerson of Rolling Stone magazine, last seen in February, defending Hugo Chavez’s “basically terrific” communism and claiming, “of course I support nationalizing industry!” today goes — well, where nearly every socialist has gone before, as can be seen in the above tweet, part of a series rounded up by Twitchy.


As Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon tweets in response, “I hate it when Jews act like victims. I mean, c’mon. Can you imagine a more historically well-received group?!” But as NathanWurtzel adds, The irony is Myerson isn’t mad Jews ‘act like victims.’ He’s mad because we aren’t. Jews are strong and Israel is strong.

By the way, if Myerson really does “support nationalizing industry!”, presumably he’s also for nationalizing the media, as Salon actually called for in January. As I wrote back then, after a previous Communist rant by Myerson:

To borrow from Glenn Reynolds’ refrain whenever a warmist goes into “ban everything, but leave me my mansion and Gulfstream Jet” mode, I’ll believe Rolling Stone’s writers and editors are serious about their rhetoric when they form Occupy Jann Wenner’s Mansion and go full Bane on his estimated $700 million net worth. Otherwise they’re simply an updated version of the same fashionable poseurs an earlier generation of Rolling Stone railed against.


What say you, Jann?

Related: At Commentary, Seth Mandal writes, “Liberals Must Learn to Compartmentalize,” when it comes to pop culture, spotting a far left and anti-Israel London Guardian writer getting a case of the vapors after interviewing (fellow leftist) Scarlett Johansson and discovering — how dare she! — Johansson defends Israel during interviews while promoting the (Israeli-made) SodaStream product she endorses.


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