Ed Driscoll

'I Will Never Respect You. I Know You Beat Your Animals'

A PETA protest at Texas Tech goes horribly wrong when actual farmers push back against the agitprop:

Emily: “Look, we know we are never going to change your mind. We will respect your decision to be vegan, as long as you respect us: the four farmers you met that treat their animals right.”
Dave: “I will never respect you. I know you beat your animals.”
Oh yeah Dave, I forgot, thanks for your help on the dairy last week.
Then, Dave revealed his true colors:
Dianne: “Look, my family and I live 30 minutes from here, come out with me to my farm, and see that we do not mistreat our animals.”
Dave: “I would, except I am going to Austin in a couple days, I don’t have time.”
Emily: “Oh you’ll be going right through my hometown, you’re more than welcome to stop in and see our dairy, and how we do not mistreat our animals.”
Dave: “I don’t want to see your farms, I don’t have time.”
The truth is: Dave probably did have time. Students don’t stay on campus 24 hours of the day, I’m certain he had more than enough time to tour Dianne’s family dairy, or our family dairy. Dave turned down two offers to tour a farm (thus, doubling his on-farm experience), because he doesn’t want to see the truth – that farmers ARE good to their animals. For Dave, it’s much more fun to take an isolated incidence and falsely publicize cases of neglect as common practice.
So Dave, the offer still stands: you are welcome to tour our dairy anytime. You’re wrong now, and you’ll be wrong then, we don’t mistreat our animals. Just like the majority of farmers and ranchers in America. Dave, I know you’ll keep telling lies the rest of your life, so I guess that means it’s up to me to balance it out. I’ll keep exposing the truth behind the “glass walls of production agriculture”, come on out, and I’ll give you the tour.

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