Ed Driscoll

'Twas the Night Before Obamacare

“CBS News: Meet the sick children getting hosed by Obamacare,” as spotted by Guy Benson at Hot Air today, who describes this as “A pretty unsparing segment from CBS News:”

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“This is not an isolated incident…The exclusion of a major provider like Seattle Children’s from a major insurance network in this market is unprecedented…we’re seeing denials in care, disruptions in care; we’re seeing a great deal of confusion and, at times, anger and frustration on the part of these families who bought insurance thinking that their children would be covered.  And they’ve in fact found that it’s a false promise.”

Well it’s not as if spokespeople for CBS actively shilled for the passage of Obamacare, is it? Return with us now Thanksgiving of 2009, and those thrilling days of peak Hopenchange when all forms of unicorn socialism seemed possible, nay, desirable:

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As Noel Sheppard noted at Newsbusters back then, “The advocacy on display Monday by ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor Katie Couric was almost unimaginable:”

In her “Notebook” video posted at CBSNews.com, Couric read a poem fashioned after Clement Clarke Moore’s classic “The Night Before Christmas.”

Without any regard for hiding her position on healthcare reform legislation currently before Congress, Couric used the coming holidays as an excuse to wax poetic about her wish that Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) would “save Harry Reid’s Christmas with a deal she brought forth”

While Couric is no longer with CBS (not her successor is any great shakes in the objectivity department himself), reminding the network that they helped create — or at a minimum led the cheerleading — for the current healthcare meltdown seems to be merely poetic justice.