Video: Motor City Meltdown

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Bankrupt – How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit, the new 41-minute documentary from conservative videomaker Ben Howe (with music from Boris Zelkin, who has written some of the theme songs for PJTV and PJM’s XM radio show) is now online. As the Right Scoop notes:


Detroit was one of America’s great jewels. A center for industry, innovation, ingenuity, and the American can-do spirt. A shining example of the capitalist tide lifting all boats.

Today, Detroit rests in shadow. It is a husk, a decaying testament to what can go wrong when government and bad policy intersect with bad business. What happened? Bankrupt is the new documentary that will lead you through the brambles and reveal what went wrong. What’s more, it answers the question of what there is to learn from the story of the rise and fall of America’s auto empire, and what it says about where we are going as a nation in the era of too big to fail.

Watch the whole thing. For further thoughts on the topic, check out my recent podcast with Kevin D. Williamson of National Review, on “What Doomed Detroit.”


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