Well, Now We Know Who Framed Dr. Richard Kimble


We had it all wrong — it wasn’t the one-armed man; it was the one-armed woman!

Lena Dunham, an advocate for positive body image*, seems to have been Photoshopped for her very first Vogue profile.

The 27-year-old, who is hailed The New Queen of Comedy in the February issue, poses alongside her Girls co-star Adam Driver in a series of glamorous shots for the magazine.

But one image in particular, where Miss Dunham is dressed in a Prada embellished strapless dress, her left arm notably absent, raises questions about the extent of airbrushing used in the shoot, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

The fact that the actress’ cover image is just a head-shot, rather than a full-body image, has also drawn attention to the U.S. glossy’s attitude towards larger body shapes.

New York City blog Gothamist asked earlier today: ‘How Much Did Vogue Photoshop Lena Dunham?’ and Jezebel, which believes that Vogue’s images ‘got more than the basic adjustments for lighting and shadows and errant flyaway hairs’ is even offering $10,000 for the unretouched originals.

One of the star’s tattoos, which in real life wraps completely around her right upper arm, also appears to have been altered for Vogue.

But in any case, it seems the star is very proud of the results, as she tweeted a link yesterday with the words: ‘Dear @voguemagazine: Thank you. Love, Lena.’


Back in 2012, while I was sitting in at Instapundit, I thought this was the most Photoshopped woman I had seen in a major (PG-rated) magazine; when did the industry start farming its touch-up work out to North Korea?

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* If you say so


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