Ed Driscoll

To Be Fair, This Would Explain Quite a Bit

“US run by Nazi space aliens, Iran claims,” as spotted by the Jerusalem Post:

Confirming the suspicions of many, the United States has been secretly run by a shadow government of German Nazi space aliens since 1945, Fars News Agency, Iran’s semi-official news agency, reported on Sunday.

In a dramatic scoop, Fars— in all seriousness— reported that revelations of mass NSA surveillance made public by Edward Snowden were actually an effort by the American-Nazi extraterrestrials to hide their nature to a human world they hoped to dominate.

The Iranian outlet suggests Snowden offered Russian intelligence officials “incontrovertible proof” to support the claims— and that Russia considers the report to be “accurate.”

Please, nobody tell Fars that this was the plot of a not bad Star Trek: Enterprise two-parter back in 2004, not to mention the truly craptacular Finnish-German-Australian(!) 2012 film, Iron Sky. (And the space alien part aside, Hitler himself played frightening well in Arab springtimes past and present.)

In any case, as Jennifer Rubin responds:

Allahpundit-style exit question: Who knew that Maureen Dowd would finally find readers gullible enough to take her “President Spock” shtick seriously?