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Noah Cross Could Not Be Reached For Comment

“L.A. Faces Spate of Public Corruption Resignations,” Breitbart News reports:

A spate of public corruption resignations has hit Los Angeles, with longtime county sheriff Lee Baca stepping down amidst accusations regarding jail brutality, hiring of personal friends, and inclusion in the sheriff’s department of criminal rejects from other departments. Eighteen of Baca’s deputies have been charged federally. Baca may remain with the Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff, despite the fact that he is 71 years old.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power general manager Ron Nichols announced his own resignation on Thursday after failing to show how two nonprofit trusts created with the DWP’s biggest union blew $40 million dollars over the last decade. Nichols has not explained where the money went, even though he oversaw the nonprofit slush funds. Nichols also was in charge of a $162 million computerized billions system, which sent tens of thousands of inaccurate bills to customers, and grabbed cash from people’s bank accounts erroneously.

Imagine how much more we’d be hearing about stories such as these if Los Angeles had a hometown newspaper dedicated to smaller and less crony-corporatist government?

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Update: Now is the time when Small Dead Animals juxtaposes.