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'Progressivism,' California-Style

Backwards ran the ‘Progressives,’ until reeled the mind. Where it all ends knows Gaia:

Transgender Rights: We will all sleep a little better at night knowing that students in grades K-12 who identify as transgender will be able to use the school bathrooms of their choosing as long as it is “consistent with their gender identity,” even if it is different than their gender at birth. Students will also be able to select whether they want to be on the boys team or the girls team based on their “gender identity.”

“California 2014 Laws Affect Transgenders, Smokers, Drunk Drivers,” Big Government, yesterday.

Of all the advances achieved by the Roman Empire before its collapse in the fifth century, one of the most unprecedented was the infrastructure to ensure the efficient removal of animal and human waste from urban areas.

Incredibly enough, some 1,600 years later, a city that is home to some of the most advanced scientific research on Earth finds itself unable to deal with disgusting conditions triggered by waste from seals, sea lions, pelicans, seagulls and other birds.

That is the proper context with which to see the maddening saga of the stench emanating from the rocky areas and cliffs at La Jolla Cove. It has been 13 months since a New York Times story laid bare for the nation not just our local shame but the collapse of common sense in the Golden State — the idiocy of environmental rules so rigid and so far-reaching that removal of animal feces is somehow classified as a threat to nature.

The odor problem ebbed for a time, but now it is back — a nauseating pall on an otherwise beautiful part of San Diego.

“La Jolla Cove stench: The collapse of common sense,” the San Diego Union-Tribune, December 29th.

California’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that illegal immigrants who meet the state’s requirements to practice law must be granted law licenses, according to NBC News.

— “Calif. Supreme Court Grants Illegal Immigrants Right to Get Law Licenses,” Alec Torres, the NRO Corner, today.

“Batty Bette Midler wishes you a Happy Plastic-Free New Year!”, Twitchy, yesterday. (Note that whether she used her smart phone or a desktop computer, some form of plastic allowed Midler to send her message about banning plastic.)

As Victor Davis Hanson asked last year, “Where’s Mel Gibson When You Need Him?”, noting that 21st century Sacramento is doing its damndest to transform the state into the post-apocalyptic vision laid out in The Road Warrior.

Related: “The real Mr. Miyagi’s dojo threatened by eminent domain….California city favors foliage over small businesses,” as spotted by Reason.

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