Ed Driscoll

See BS, Then and Now

“Fmr CBS Reporter Claims Obama ‘Has a Point’ About Media’s Anti-ObamaCare Bias,” Matt Hendro writes at Newsbusters, along with video capturing the moment described below:

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, former PBS and CBS reporter Terence Smith said President Obama “has a point” when complaining of media malpractice in covering ObamaCare.

“I think, in fact, in this case, the President has a point, however, that headlines like that, ‘Disaster,’ you’re labeling ObamaCare before it has a chance,” insisted Smith, who once defended the legacy of Jimmy Carter while ripping Reagan’s management of government.

If Smith thinks what the media is doing now is bad, he should see how CBS was labeling Obamacare before it rolled out:

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Also at Newsbusters, Geoffrey Dickens rounds up some of the more recent quotes from the MSM hyping the joys of Obamacare shortly before it rolled out: “What They Said Before the Train Wreck: The Top 10 Worst Quotes Pushing ObamaCare,” along with additional video of journalists fanboy cheerleaders spinning like dreidels on behalf of the president.

Oh, and speaking of CBS, since I’ve been meaning to link to this for a while, “Dan Rather: CBS Attempting to ‘Airbrush Me Out of Their History:” Sterling Beard writes at the NRO Corner:

CBS has not invited former longtime anchor Dan Rather to participate in its coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy — despite the fact that a much younger Rather covered the event for the network and will even be featured in archival footage for CBS’s broadcast.

“Looking back on it, they were trying to airbrush me out of their history, like the Kremlin,” Rather said, before wondering if CBS would remove him from other monumental stories.

“What’s next – I’m airbrushed out of Watergate coverage? Vietnam? Tiananmen Square? 9/11? Where does this lead?” he asked.

Rather left the network in 2006 following his 2004 60 Minutes report on Texas National Guard memos that indicated President Bush had received special treatment during his service — the documents turned out to be fake.

Oh sweet karma: The DNC operative with a byline who was let go by CBS for his own Kremlin-style airbrushing of history is complaining about being airbrushed out of history. Winston Smith, call your office at the Ministry of the Truth, stat.