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MSNBC Anchor Threatens Fox Journalist Update: Baldwin Suspended

And again: “Alec Baldwin confronts Fox 5 reporter,” My Fox New York reports:

The ever-explosive Alec Baldwin confronted and threatened a Fox 5 news reporter outside of his Manhattan apartment on Friday morning.

Baldwin walked up to Robert Moses, who was covering the conviction of a woman who was stalking him, and warned the reporter to leave the sidewalk in front of his building.

He started by saying, “You’re in my way.”

Moses answered, “Any reaction?”

“You’re in my way,” Baldwin responded.

Baldwin, who had been out walking his dog, then warned Moses to leave the area before he left the building again with his wife and child.

Baldwin then went inside but quickly turned around and came back out of the building.  He ordered Moses to acknowledge that he understood what he had said.

Baldwin said, “If you’re still here when my wife and kid come out, you’re going to have a big problem, you know that.”

As he reentered the building, Baldwin turned around again and said, “You are as dumb as you look, you are with Fox, right.”

I’ve been having fun goofing on Baldwin threatening paparazzi photographers once he joined MSNBC as an anchor, and while paparazzi are a gray area of journalism, this time, Baldwin has threatened an actual industry peer, albeit one with much more experience in his field than the veteran actor recently turned tyro MSNBC anchor has.

At least one of Moses’ fellow reporters at Fox 5 is punching back twice as hard:

As Twitchy notes:

Hollywood’s Unhinged One is having quite a week. Capital One spokesman and perpetually gasket-blowing actor Alec Baldwin, still stewing over reports about his latest bigoted tirade, snapped again this morning. According to New York City journos, he threatened Fox 5 reporter Robert Moses on a public sidewalk outside his apartment.

Fox 5′s Juliet Huddy exposed the Fox-bashing bully Baldwin for the hypocrite he is. Viewers agreed, and urged Moses to file charges.

It’s standard procedure for MSNBC shows to bomb in the ratings, and Baldwin is no exception. But this time, NBC has a ticking time bomb of a different sort on its hands. How long before Baldwin goes off yet again?

Update: NBC gives their petulant spokesman a two-week hiatus from his little-watched series after yesterday’s incident:

Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show was pulled from the network’s schedule for two weeks on Friday following the actor’s latest homophobia scandal.

Baldwin was embroiled in controversy after he was caught on tape swearing at a photographer. Most people thought he called the man a “c–ksucking f–g”; Baldwin denied saying the latter word, but apologized for saying the former one.

Alec Baldwin with even more free time on his hands than usual — what could go wrong?