Ed Driscoll

Blue Schism: CNN, DNC Chairwoman Rebut New York Times


“NY Times: Rollout Failure is Obama’s Katrina.”

— Today’s Times story, as paraphrased by Breitbart.com’s John Sexton.


“Bush came through on Katrina.”

— Donna Brazile, Democratic National Committee vice chairwoman, writing at CNN on April 25, 2013.

The New York Times is right in one aspect — today is when the levee broke for President Obama and the left. But perhaps a better analogy, at least based on reaction today, is the American public’s reaction to how Jimmy Carter’s policies and his effete New Left worldview led to both the Iranian hostage crisis and America’s protracted hamstrung flaccid response. The result was a discrediting of what was then called “liberalism” for a generation, to the point where, as Ann Coulter wrote in 2003, all politicians running for the White House, must pose as a Republican, lest they be seem as the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

Erstwhile former Obama supporter Megan McArdle wrote this past summer, long before Obama’s debacle in recent weeks, “Why I Think the GOP Will Have Control in 2017.” There’s a lot of road to be traveled over the next three years, but 2014 in particular starts today — as does the 2016 presidential bid, just as the left piggybacked on Bush and Katrina to recapture both houses of Congress in 2006.

Speaking of which: