Ed Driscoll

Insurance Companies Threatened by Obama Administration

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“Insurance Companies Being Told To Remain Silent About Obamacare Policy Terminations; Executives Say They Fear Retribution,” Ace writes today:

So here is the game: the White House wrote regulations to insure that the maximum number of people were terminated from their old policies, thus intentionally breaking its oft-made promise.

The White House and Democrats now wish to claim it’s the insurance companies who are doing this.

The insurance companies would like to say that this isn’t true — that the White House is forcing them to do this, and furthermore, that they warned the White House that Obamacare regulations were forcing huge numbers of terminations — but the White House demands they be silent and take their scapegoating.

As PJTV’s Andrew Klavan warned in 2009, Omertà is the first rule of the left, which they believe should apply to both sides of the aisle:

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But who hasn’t the administration threatened by now?

In 2008, Barack Obama may have been the first presidential candidate, certainly the first successful presidential candidate, to win election while threatening to bankrupt an entire industry and insulting a huge block of his potential voters. Since then, the list has only grown. Obama or his aides would go on to insult two more of his core groups of voters – the far left, and African-Americans, in the form of their leftwing representatives in the Congressional Black Caucus.

In 2009, the president “joked” about auditing his enemies, and sure enough, the IRS began to audit the Tea Party shortly thereafter. In the spring of 2013, his administration threatened one of its most loyal constituencies, the Associated Press.

Back in October of 2010, Doug Ross rounded up the groups that Obama has threatened or insulted to date on his Director Blue Weblog, which included the Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity, Companies that provide heather insurance benefits to their employees, oil companies, drug companies, coal companies, doctors, and Fox News. As Doug wrote, “Unlike Tricky Dick Nixon, Obama Wears His Enemies List On His Sleeve.”

His post concluded by asking, “Only one question remains — what area of the private sector — aside from the slip-and-fall attorneys — isn’t hated and vilified by the Obama Democrats?”

Whoever is left, it’s a list that grows smaller by the day.