Interview: Humberto Fontova on the MSM's Love for Fidel Castro


Considering that Dan Rather's shameful acts during the 2004 presidential election gave PJ Media its original name, I shouldn't be astonished, but even at this late date, it's still pretty amazing to think that a man who once held himself out as a quote-unquote “objective” journalist would say of Fidel Castro that he’s “Cuba's own Elvis.”

That's just one of the many radical chic romances the MSM and Hollywood still have for Castro and his socialist prison island, as veteran author, columnist and PJM contributor Humberto Fontova tells me today, quoting from his latest book, The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro. During our interview, Humberto will discuss:

● When Ernest Hemingway viewed Che Guevara’s execution squads personally.

● How did The Godfather Part II become the MSM's go-to guide for pre-Castro Cuba?

● Which film did Robert Redford present to Fidel Castro and the widow of Che Guevara in a private showing?

● What is Cuba’s  “Military-Tourism Complex”?

● What is Fontova's take on Diana Nyad, who recently successfully swam from Cuba to Florida?

And much more. Click here to listen:

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