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I am the reason liberals believe their policies and ideas will work in the real world. I am the driven American entrepreneur.

Every time an entrepreneur accepts a directive from the government that will harm his chance of earning a profit; every time a roadblock is put up and the entrepreneur finds a way to adapt and keep moving on; every time a conservative curses the policy of the liberal but still keeps running his business and paying taxes… he confirms the liberal policy as a logical reality.

Why wouldn’t liberals keep pushing their agenda? Why wouldn’t they believe their policies could work? We make their irrational ideas work for them. We prove them right. Every time we open our doors in the morning and go to work on the day’s business, no matter what the obstacle… we make their policies rational. Every day I press on with my small business and eight employees. If my cash flow shrinks… I work harder. If regulations make my job more difficult… I work longer hours. No liberal policy is rational. No liberal proposition ever makes logical sense. Yet we press on despite smaller margins, higher regulations, higher taxes, and further vilification by the American Left.

You see, liberals are not guilty for destroying this country. I am guilty for accepting their agenda and pushing forward even in the face of more people that choose to produce nothing… yet consume everything.

You cannot eat your cake before you take the time to make it or earn the money to buy it*. To eat your cake first, you must become a leech and steal from the efforts of others… producing nothing yet expecting everything. Society cannot prosper within this context. Yet, I press on. I produce and I allow the looters to steal from me.


— ‘I Am The Guilty Man,’ Charles E. Moore at the American Thinker. Read. The. Whole. Thing.

* That would be news to Time-Warner-CNN-HBO. But then, most things are, these days.

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