CBS: Global Warming Could Make Temperatures Rise to 212 Degrees!


“Networks Embrace ‘Catastrophic’ Warnings of Latest IPCC Report,” the Media Research Center reports. “ABC swipes at skeptics, while CBS airs ‘irresponsible’ claim about temperatures rising 212 degrees:”


“Evening News” [on CBS] took a different tack, airing a story about oyster farming and complaints that climate change is ruining a man’s business. But in Ben Tracy’s story, which mentioned the IPCC’s latest report, he said that oceans have absorbed much of the heat caused by CO2 and that ocean temperatures have risen only slightly. Then he made a claim that Principal Research Scientist Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama in Huntsville called “totally misleading and irresponsible.”

“Had all that heat gone into the atmosphere, air temperatures could have risen by more than 200 degrees [showed 212 degrees onscreen],” Tracy warned.

Spencer told the MRC’s Business and Media Institute, “The oceans have warmed by an average of less than 0.1 deg. C (only the SURFACE by about 0.5 deg.) since the 1950s, and since that is so much water mass, the absorbed heat equivalent to 0.1 deg. IF RELEASED ALL AT ONCE IN THE ATMOSPHERE [it] would, indeed, be hundreds of degrees. But this is physically impossible. It is a meaningless statistic. The heat actually had to go through the atmosphere before it reached the ocean.”


MRC has the video of CBS’s report; along with the screen capture above. But my question is: If CBS actually believes what they’re reporting to their viewers, what will they be doing about it? Will they go off the air to save the planet? Don’t tell me to change my life in the face of impending doom; tell me how you’ll change yours, first. Otherwise, if CBS is doing nothing itself, while reporting such preposterous claims…

CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley compared global warming skeptics to ‘Holocaust deniers’ — ‘If I do an interview with Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?’

…And we wouldn’t want the CBS anchorman to be thought of as a Holocaust denier. (Well, more so than in a sense, he is already, for cheapening its history to score cheap political points against his ideological enemies.)



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